CLAUDETTE – Since working with Tina I’ve lost inches and pounds. I sleep better and feel better. I’d recommend it, as it’s such fun.

MARGARET – Thank you for being SO wonderful! Without your support I would probably not have come this far.

DANA – Thank you for all the useful advice.

SUSIE – I really enjoy Tina’s enthusiasm. It’s easy to tailor her exercises to my level of fitness. I definitely feel I’m on the way to achieving my goals.

Dee – Tina’s advice on a food and mood diary and keeping track by measuring myself will definitely help me to succeed.

EMILIA – Tina is an outstanding teacher with a big heart and a wonderful soul.

Safeena - You're a very inspiring teacher - not just in the fitness aspect and I feel like I want to give it all I have got. So thank you! 

DI - Thank you for being you!