What is Fitness Coaching?

If you’re serious about sorting out your body issues, why not book a session* with Fitness Coach, Tina.

Unlike some personal trainers, (who look about 12 and are an effortless seize zero) Tina’s struggled with her weight, so she knows what it’s like. She only got fit in her forties - winning ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club and going on to qualify as a YMCA keep fit instructor and NLP motivational Fitness Coach.

As well as designing a personal exercise routine to fit into your life, Tina will help you tackle some of the emotional reasons that keep us stuck in a rut, along with those mind games that get in the way of our goals.

Fitness Coaching is a mixture of physical training, tailored for your personal needs, and simple psychological exercises designed to help you set and stick to goals - a bit like life coaching. Change your mind & it’s easy to change your body.

What if you’ve got nothing to lose but some excess baggage?