As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, I’ve seen a spate of ‘change of season’ coughs and colds in classes. There’s a general tiredness too.

         In my case this makes me want to eat my own bodyweight in chocolate products, dive under a duvet, and not re-emerge until Spring.

         The clocks have gone back – a signal for hibernation if ever there was one. Yet this is a time of new terms, more stress at work, back to school traffic and long waits at chilly bus stops and stations.

         It’s also a time when we’re bombarded with images, adverts and promotions for sweet Christmas ‘treats’ - giant tins of Quality Street and mince pies are already in the Crouch End Co-op!

         Few people like to snack on salads at a time like this. Hell – there are killer clowns out there!

         But we can avoid food shame by being aware that this behaviour is natural and moving on. Eat a slice of cake – don’t beat yourself up about it and finish off the rest to dispose of the evidence.

          Seasonal Food Tips

 ·      Come to the gym to warm & cheer yourself up.

·      Make soups.

·      Fill up on squashes, marrows, pumpkins – all complex carbs, full of fibre and vitamins. Make Halloween decorations with the skins.

·      Invest in woolly socks.

·      Binge on Strictly Come Dancing/ X Factor – just cut out the drinks and nibbles.

Donate unwanted sweeties to food banks and Harvest Festivals