* What music puts you in a good mood?

Is there a song that makes you want to dance?

* Anything from musicals, discos, artistes that inspires you?

What sounds make you tap your feet, whistle, smile?

Beach Boys surf dog     

Beach Boys 'Let's go surfing, WOOF!'


Top performers know that music can motivate:

* England's victorious Cup winning rugby team adopted Kenny Roger's The Gambler as their pre-game inspirational song.

* Cricketer Freddie Flintoff listened to Elton John's Rocket Man before regaining the Ashes in July 2009.


Sports shows often have music highlighting goals & scores – eg Nessum Dorma became the World Cup anthem. Raising your spirits can raise your performance.


In classes we use different music to create different moods:

* Zumba has fun Latin American, Calypso & World Music sexy beats to get you wiggling.

* Aerobics uses lots of rock & pop anthems with strong beats.

* Holistic & Relaxation classes use meditative, gentle, flowing sounds.

* Street Dance appeals to those who like challenging fast moves to intricate beats & choreography.


Be your own DJ & make a compilation of your favourite sounds. Listen to it while out walking or running, or while using the gym.

Put it on, crank up the volume & bop for 10 mins before you shower in the morning to rev up your metabolism.


Suggestions for Fitness Theme Tunes:

Rocky’s Eye of the Tiger theme

Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls!

Let’s Get Physical – Olivia Neutron Bomb!

I Just Want To Make You Sweat – Snoop Doggy Dog


Others gratefully received

'You Just Keep Me Hanging On!'

Laugh of the day - sky-diving elephants & skateboarding tortoises. REALLY!!!